Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Recent activities.

It is not so polite to not letting your users know what you are doing.
For example, Blizzard never tells us what they are doing when they do server maintenance. They didn't post any updates recently and it still takes 5 to 6 hours to reboot the servers (I notice once they brought it right up).
As an engineer, I know sometimes after an update unexpected things happen and you just have to take time to deal with the mysteries, but when no updates are out and it still takes that long? Just a little explanation on their part can ease a lot of pain on the user side.

So I decided to post my activities often, even if I didn't do much.

I have promised some users to post all the methods and properties used in java script, I haven't done it yet. The reason? I always got distracted. Last week I was pushing out remote server, fixed several targeting bugs and added multiple ghost waypoints. This week? Well I had added pet happiness, and trying to add combat log.

Combat log is important, it tells you if enemy is dodging (important for fighters), if some one is healing you (need to say TY). I watched some one heal me while I was boting, so I decided to put combat log on a high priority.

I have tried to get combat log before, while I was implementing whisper service. The problem is, one of my tools for hacking is flawed, and it didn't find any trace of combat log so i thought Blizzard just pushed it on to the video cards memory and forget about it. During the long weekend when I did a review of my program, wala here goes combat log.

Anyway, the problem with the long weekend is, it is packed. I had to do some outdoor activity (kept secret, I will only say it is about some kind of group racing), a full party and almost a full day of dungeon run with old friends.

So assuming wife won't argo, I will try to implement combat log, pet happiness and then publish the new javascript api sets.

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