Friday, August 31, 2007

How should Blizzard respond to botting

I read a interesting post on World of Warcraft botting,
Below is part of my response:

There will always be botters. That is because anyone with a real job and life will be hard pressed to squeeze the time to grind to 70, or spend 5 hours in raids. Instead of trying to ban botters, Blizzard should think of ways to please the gamers better.

Below are some examples that I could think of:
1. Create dungeons that are soloable, but hard enough for the stupid bots.
2. Add more XP/rewards for quests to encourage players to play instead of botting.

Have you ever tried to block the flow of water in a stream? See how hard that is? If you try to lead it away, it is much easier. Always lead, don't block.

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