Friday, June 26, 2009

The unthinkable

I really don't want to write about this. Serves as a warning to all your parents with small kids.

This Tuesday, a family close to us lost their daughter. She drowned in a pool. There were 4 other kids and 4 adults present. She drowned while the babysitter went to get her cloth, only several minutes of time.

We all went to the hospital that night. And this sad feeling just keep growing on me. I guess if you loss a loved one, you will feel worse before feeling better.

I feel epically bad yesterday when i saw her parents. They are close friend of ours, and their daughter loved play with me. I used to do hide and seek with them and their screams usually made them mad.

We are going to make a power point slice about the little girl, good thing is I made many photos of her when she was at my home before.

So sad. Feels like my heart is been cut.

And my co-worker give me this,
Steven Curtis Chapman Cinderella Music Video & story, we both sobbed.

Monday, June 22, 2009

The Chinese people are angry in Shishou

Here is the youtube link, the Chinese people in Shishou beat back police, I heard about this from one of my friends and he showed me the video on Sunday.

Here is what I heard of what caused this:
a 24 year old cook died from what appeared to be suicide, jumped from 3rd floor of a restaurant (about 2 year ago a waitress did the same in the same restaurant). His father was not happy and believe the death is not accidental. There are evidence that the cook is dead before the jump.

When the police come, they ruled it as suicide and want to cremate the body immediately. The father was not happy and begged the people around for help. And it draw a crowd of 3000+ who helped to fend off the police, and they even stayed over night to watch (I could never have done that)!

The local government cut off internet/electric in the area, but that didn't deter the people who were helping the father. So they pull police from other places, totaled thousands. However the news got out and at one time there were over 70K people gathered and fend off the police, and that is what the video is about.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Toto's Africa

This is a pretty good music video, I heard it this morning from the Neal Boortz show.

you can also search it on youtube "perpetuum jazzile"

Monday, June 15, 2009

A great example why government should stay out of our lifes

The Chinese government recently mandated that every computer have Green Dam software installed (a censor software). And shortly after its release, researchers has found bugs in it that could let attackers take over your computer if it is installed.

See this link

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mortgage rate is going up

I was not expecting that. I thought with the economy so bad, the Fed would keep the interest rate low in hope to stimulate the economy.

Well, just realized how wrong I am. It works this way:

The Government is trying to raise too cash, and the way they do it is by issuing bonds. The problem is too much cash is been handed out by government and people are waring about if they can pay it back. So to attract more bond buyers, they have to raise interest on those bonds, which in turn raise interesting on everything, include my mortgage rate.

My question is, since right now there is deflation, isn't it better to raise cash by printing them than issuing bonds? I know either are good solutions, but since US government doesn't care about deficit at this point, printing cash will do better at the short run (and both print cash and borrowing are bad at the long run).

Now I really wish I have taken the 15 year fixed.....

Friday, June 5, 2009

Microsoft doesn't like Obama's tax plan

Here on

some of the comments are really interesting. One of them is
"Governments tax profit (unless they are corrupt). There is no increased cost to pass on to the consumer. Just less profit."

That is just laughable. Profit = new jobs. Corporations needs profit to expand. If a corporation has less profit, they will grow slower so there will be less jobs.

If we have a great capable leader, it might be OK to raise taxes because he might be able to spend it better than us. However when a country is really big, that is just not possible. No one will be able to spend properly for all 300 million of Americans. And through out history, you never see any Monarch or Communist country archive prosperity via higher taxes. Just like stock, the collective diversity of minds are better than a central brain power.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Instance soloing

Recently I have been doing some instance soloing with my Death Knight. The death knight has all blue gear crafted by my black smith (don't have time to get other gears).

So far, I have done SM, DM, BRD, UBRS, Stratholme, Scholomance.

Starts with SM, very easy, much easier than when I solo it with my l60 warrior. After that I got bold and went to BRD, Stratholme, Scholomance. Easy.

Dire Maul is very easy compare to when I tried it with my level 70 toon.

UBRS was a surprise. I saw a level?? fire boss, he was easy. However I died at the final boss once. Adding to the pain is I only have a short time every time I play, most of the time I have to leave my toon in the dungeon and abort. So after several days I tried again, this time I summoned a lot of ghouls and beat him with ease.

In UBRS, I wondered into another instance. That was a huge surprise. Mobs keep spawning and they overwhelmed me. I will try it again sometime later (and after some googling too).