Monday, February 27, 2012

ARL 44

World of Tanks related. I have finally unlocked the ARL 44, it got an amazing gun for its tier (200+ pen). However it will take a long time to grind the gun (needs track, turret, another gun then the gun I want). So I will just wait it out till they have a sale on the ARL 44.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The long grind of T34

This is related to World of Tanks. In the next version they are going to replace the US T34 and T30 with other tanks, I am grinding to get the free tanks :-) After a long grind I got the T34, now I want the T30. Problem is, T32 to T34 is a pleasant grind, the T32 is fast, tough, I love it very much and the grind seems to be a snap. It even raised my win percentage. The T34 on the other end is bigger (target), weaker, and without the top gun, it is a downgraded T32. At least it is fast enough, else it will be a horrible grind.