Monday, December 28, 2009

More rant on windows 7

Right after my last experience on how good windows 7 is (see my previous post on windows 7 and mts video editing), I run into more windows 7 troubles.

First is booting. To fix some problem, I had to install 2 copies of windows 7 on the same machine. And after that windows 7 failed to boot when CD is out (bootmgr is missing). The repair tool didn't help. Turned out what happened is I got multiple SATA HDDs, and windows 7 named them in different order (C: D: E: then E: D: C:) and the boot loader used drive letters instead of physical drives paths, and the drive letter used the fixed order .... How stupid. And worse, even if I disable IDE HDD in bios, windows 7 still find the HDD, so I had to physically power them off and fix MBR.

Second is networking. After I reinstall windows, I find the homegroup created with my previous installation still lives on, and can't be removed in any way (Now think back it might be my other windows 7 box, so we will see).

And worse, I have windows 7 home edition that can be installed on 3 machines. Wife's machine arrives last Friday, and her machine got much powerful processor. I tried to network from her machine to mine, use the all too familiar \\{machine}\\{drive}$ way, and it won't let me. I tweaked all the network and firewall settings, even reinstalled windows 7 (which created the problem in the first part).

The most crappy thing is, I can access my wife's computer from my computer, but can't access mine from wife's computer. All running the same OS, with the same key!!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

cool song

I was watch this and I just love the song start at 7:00:

Also windows 7 made me very happy today. Wife's new computer arrives (parts) and I assemblied, installed windows 7, so fast because there is no service packs (yet).

Then when it is time to make some new videos, I found the new movie editor can handle MTS, much better than Cannon's utilities :-)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Friday, December 4, 2009

Starcraft Match

This is a pretty cool one. I thought the winner was going to loss for sure, then...