Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Need to re-trace combat log offsets

Well. There were warning signs and I ignored them. What happened is I didn't have a deep enough snapshot of the system, and I got fooled by the stack analysis.

You can get information about who is calling, what parameters was passed, but only an estimate. I got too confident about the tool, and only found out yesterday that the trace is not accurate. This is mostly likely caused by the fact that the calling convention can be different and no one can really guess it (the function call can either be pass parameter on stack or register, or both, so how do you guess where is the first argument, and where is the return address? The answer is no way except for the last call which the stack pointer is in ebx.

Also something happened today, either the spell checker is not working or I am not making spelling mistakes, which is unlikely, this window is not showing me any bad spellings.

Edit: I changed browser to Firefox, and there come the spelling checker :-) So another reason to choose Firefox over IE.

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