Monday, February 22, 2010

Why tax the rich doesn't work

Below is a quote from, by tomgee. Because it is burried deep in the comments section, I can't just provide a link else you will be lost. So the full copy is provided:

I was amused to see an interview of a laid off worker–from a plant that made $300,000 RV’s. Wanted to blame the rich and “soak them”. Guess he didn’t realize that middle class people don’t buy many $300,000 RV’s and that the “rich” weren’t buying them because they were hurting too. If we take every cent from the “top 5%” it won’t help our weak economy–it would crash it. The “rich” pretty much have their money available to stimulate the economy–and where it is most needed. If they spend it on expanding or maintaining their business–100% efficient stimulus. If they put it in the bank where others can borrow it–100% efficient stimulus. If they buy U.S. stocks or bonds (local, state, federal corporate)–100% efficient stimulus. If you get after them with more taxes you will do two things: (1) you will make them move money based on tax implications instead of wise investing–and wise investing tends to get the money to the right places. (2) the money you take from them in taxes goes into the inefficient government system where much of it is wasted (3) you may make them reduce investments (I.e. bury some money where it does no good at all) since the natural tendency is to spend and invest that in excess of you needs—and spending and investment is what stimulus is about. If you threaten a future of higher taxes–they will cash out their investments now and pay taxes at the current lower rate. That “selling spree” is the exact opposite of stimulus–and they will move the money somewhere where the taxes won’t be as bad–but that might not be as beneficial for the economy. The problem right now is not that the rich have too much pie–because if we spread it all around equally no one wouldn’t be happy with their slice. Our problem is jobs–there are not enough to go around. The problem is that we need to make more pie. And the government can’t make anything–businesses and entrepreneurs make things–and these tend to be “rich people” or people that end up there if they are successful. People that make a wage tend to not understand that the same business that makes $500K this year can often lose that much the next–and if the business is taxed out of their profits in good years they can’t survive the bad or expand even if there is reason to. It might take $10 million in “at risk” investment to grow a business by 20 employees and $500,000 profitability (a 5% return). The business would need about $2.5 million to go to the bank and get the loan for the $10 million–Which means they have to be able to keep some of their profits at some point. And if you cut their profits in ½ with additional taxes it will take them twice as long to accumulate the capital to expand–or you might even make it where it isn’t worth doing. And you make them increase the price of what they produce (which the “poor” then buy) to try to make the math work. This is why redistribution doesn’t work–you eventually divide less and less.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Building Game in Silverlight (Progress report)

I finally finished the other big piece of the game, AI. Right now I am trying to build a model so I can view AI progress, because by game design, AI movements are not visible.

I am a bit disappointed after the AI design, because it is too calculating .....

Friday, February 12, 2010

"What Evil Begets"

Don't remember how I got to that link, but here it is, a very interesting story:

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bernie Madoff and SOCIAL SECURITY

Heard from Neal Boortz today. He did an comparison between Bernie Madoff and SOCIAL SECURITY, and it amazed me how much similar the two have in common! I never thought of this before.

Here is the link to the website of the original post:

In short:
Madoff takes money from investors and promise them returns, same as Social Security. And both of them instead of invest the money, they spent it for their own needs (Social Security was spent by politicians to buy votes).

The only difference is Madoff went to prison when his scheme didn't work out, but politicians were not affected at all when Social Security went to red.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Building Game in Silverlight (Progress report)

This is primarily for me, as a record.

I finally offloads all calculation to threads, now the game will take advantage of multiple CPUs, depend on how many stars the map will have, all your CPUs will be loaded.

This has to be done, because unlike CIV (where I based my game on), the battles can happen simultaneously on multiple planets, and if I do it on one UI thread, the game won't be playable. This is the down side of RTS game (CIV is turn based), it is going in real time and can hit CPU hard. Even if you have the latest greatest 6 core CPU, with say 1000 stars your system might not be able to handle it.

Anyway, now 2 of my 3 main goals for this game is done:
1. Game is Browser based (sandbox), no need for virus checks etc.
2. Game is multi-threaded, should be able to used as a CPU bench mark.

The last and the most important one, Game should be fun and addictive, is still far from reach.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Making a product is hard

I am still making my own game of space conquest (I am thinking about calling it ArkStream, all the other names seems to be taken).

It is harder than I thought. First I don't have any continues block of time for anything now, and also polishing the game is taking much longer than I thought.

Initially I thought the mathematical part is the hardest, but now all of that has finished (path finding, turret rotation etc). The hard thing now turned out to be how to make the game look good, and attractive.

The game is to a point where the computer can sends ships to my planet (and I screwed up the part where I send ships to other planets), and have a space battle. The battle looks bad. Everything looks so plain, and it can't give me the "feeling".