Monday, June 30, 2008

Kongfu panda

Yes I went to see the movie, against my wishes. My wife's brother, want to see the movie with his 2 year old, and despite my argument of the baby might not like the movie, we all went.

We were supposed to see the 1o'clock one, but was postponed because the baby fall asleep. Just as we all thought the movie is off, he wake up so we went to see the 2o'clock movie, with about 15 minute till the start. As you guessed we missed the start of the movie by 20 minutes (long drive), and the first scene I saw in the theater is my brother in law holding a crying baby.

All I can say is the movie is average with some funny moments, but mostly got interrupted by the frequent going and sitting of my brother in law's wife to check on the baby outside, and some crying. It was worth the $8 I think. After we left, they managed to stay and check the next panda movie, not to steal but because my brother in law was out of the theater most of the time, and the baby finally fall asleep.

From a phone call later on we learned that the baby wake up again half way during the movie, and they end up didn't watch much for the entire afternoon.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Just something to make you feel good

Here is the story.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Time to relax

Yes, I will relax a bit after last weeks updates, and will try to make myself some gold for my new toon :-)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Some reasons why I think GOD exists

1. I can't find a logical reason for the chicken/egg issue.

2. There is no way true intelligence can be produced on computer (just my personal believe).

3. If we are really evolute from something lower, we should not only use 10% of our brain power, it is just too wasteful.

4. There is no evidence of vertical revaluation. A common example will be dogs. through thousands of years of manual breeding, still no dogs with wings ...

And on a off note:

1. God is not all powerful. The logical reason for that is, if there is someone who is all powerful, can that someone create a problem that he can't solve?

2. There is absolute truth. The logical reason for that is, if there is no absolute truth, then the statement itself will not be true.

So God is the set of absolute truths.

MpqNav and dejavu11

I found this link on MPQ and ADT reading:

Seems he helped IS on blizzard MPQ data mapping. This will be very helpfull for bots, because bots will know the terrain info and will be able to make intellect decisions on how to recover (i.e not moving into walls/hills etc).

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Finally fighter and fisher both online

I updated fighter Thursday night, wife was already asleep and I have to decide if I want to test and release then or wait till tomorrow. More delay means more chance of getting argo, but I just can't wait any more so I tested and uploaded fighter. The test took a little bit more than 30 minutes and I let the bot run through the night. Everything looks fine and wife was not argoed :-)

Wake up early this morning and updated fisher. One of the users was asking why can't I just use the old code while I do the update. The answer is security. The old fighter has "features" that Blizzard can use to gain suspection of that the program is running. Right now zoloConfigUtil and bgscreen still does that, so don't use them when WOW is running.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Most functionalities added back in now

Just an brief update. The UI is 50% finished, with some dangling dialogs floating around but the major functionalities (Fight/Stop/Add Mob/Add waypoint) restored.

Still missing a lot, for example Save profile, clear waypoint/mobs, fishing, item distances and mine/herb.

Will try to finish up and release a partial one late tonight or tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bot maintenance continued

Sorry all, thanks for all the kind word. I am still doing the overhaul of the bot, once it is released it will be ride of most of the unaligned UI components etc, and easier to use (no more flipping around tabs during setup).

I am still in the process of coding, and right now the bot is not in a usable state for most users (the interface is totally messed up and I am only boting rely on old profiles).

I am setting up the release target to be this Saturday.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Yet another audit

Yes, I have to bring my wow bot down again.
This time there are some windows, which will popup during program crash or in some demo situations, that has bad information and could be used by Blizzard to detect us.

They occurs rarely, but will be more often for demo uses. However because there is no way for me to just shutdown the demo users, all users, even the ones who donated will be affected.

And this one will take sometime to get ride of as well.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Very annoying

Here is another example of the troubles I am going throgh every day. Below is an email sent to me:

    hey i wan't to get this bot to test it out but how can i check that this is no scam, how can u guys proove that when i will give u my master card u will charge $200 or more???
    please write back as soon as possible, and is there a tutorial for this bot

    thanks a lot
    hope u will answer my quest

And my response:

    Please read the website and my forum first!!
    this is a donate, you don't need to pay to play
    and it is paypal (do you even know paypal?), how can I charge you $200?
    And there is an open forum, you can post anything wow related on it, if I am a scamer all others will post crap about me on it.

    Please do your homework before ask the questions.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Internal audit in progress

Yes I have put fighter and fisher off line for an internal audit. Estimated backup time will be sometime tomorrow or later tonight (I still have to work during most of the day and help my wife on some of her stuff during the night).

What happened is, as I keep pumping out new features, I ignored my own advices on some features, and haven't done any probing on fighter and fisher for a long time. As a result there are enough unique signatures that could lead to detection. Blizzard still can't read our memory if set up properly, but they could rely on those signatures and I am in the process of sealing them.

From now on I will do an audit for each release, to make sure there are no such leaks. I will not discuss the details, but for now I will be the only one bot with zoloFighter till the next release :-)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mystery solved

Yes, I was really confused when a user told me he was not able to modify the config files. After several emails back and forth, I finally found the problem. He is opening the config files directly inside zip files and trying to save them (Thanks to Windows for making it so convenient).

And I think that also explains why so many people asking me about the bot complains "Can't find settings.txt", yep, they must tried to run it in the zip file as well.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Bad economy then what?

Yep, right now the economy looks not so bright, housing plumb combined with higher unemployment rate and high gas price. Just bad.

However there will always be good thing in almost any condition. Back in 2000 when all the rich people got crazy with their greed and keeps pouring money into the startups, a lot of engineers got great salaries with that. The people who keep a cool head and shorted the stocks can make a lot of money even if they are poor (of course I never encourage shorting stocks, that is just bad).

Now we are in a situation similar. People who has a lot of money (banks, investment firms) made huge mistakes by been too greedy and now their lose could be your gain. Some foreclosed houses are just a bargain. Their loss can be your gain, if you have the smarts and guts to catch it.

Friday, June 6, 2008

zoloFighter is the only bot that has no ban wave so far

Yep, Just heard that mimmcbot has a temp ban wave, so we are the only one that has not been hit.

The credit goes to that we are using the most straight forward security measures (so can only be caught if Microsoft windows is not safe), and we offer no advanced features (no background boting).

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Virus totals again!!

Well, this time is not eSafe. Yesterday after my new release, which added some intelligence to resurrect near mobs and allows javascript check on combat sequences, one of the virus total checks failed again with "Blockreason.0". Have no idea what that means.

So I started to back out the changes, piece by piece, and recheck every time a back out is made, in hope that I can find the offending pattern and change it. Doesn't work, after I reverted everything back, it still fails. It took hours and argoed wife greatly.

So I checked my previous version, which passed virus total with flying colors. Sure enough, it failed too. So I guess virus total has upgraded one of their suppliers and now I am flagged without hope of unflagging it.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

price hike in the future

I got nabbed by several friends about doing my bot way too cheap. And I do get emails of mistrust because people don't believe something real can be free.

I am thinking about hiking the price, to maybe $3 for 6 month or $5 for 5 month.