Wednesday, January 30, 2008 is released. Since I am so busy this is a temp release. Covers fixes for looting and typing issues (LOOTDELAY and KEYDELAY configuration added for config util). Some computer have problems looting because the cursor moves too fast for the game to react.

Also configUtil had exe rename config on global section. It will ask new name for zoloFighter.exe and zoloConfigUtil.exe, when you save it copies those files to the new name, and add a entry in settings.txt to specify the new name.

zoloFighter will use the name in the config file to launch configuration utility, so the process name will be different.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

WOW blogger's forum

Found this from Full time WOW addict:

Found I saw most of them already :-)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Live FREE and prosper

Today I saw this on Democratic Peace. Greater freedom ==> Faster Economic development ==> lower poverty. And very good point about world bank trying to lending on education etc. Instead of the easy way (lending money), it should be done the right way (freedom to the people so they can choose the best people for the job).

In the feudal world, people depend on luck. If their leader is a good one (Queen Victoria - British, King Frederic who provided his son's palace as a college), they get good education and free economy, If their leader is bad (too many), they are either stuck or have to revolt.

It is amazing that hundreds of years after the French revolution, there are still so many un-free places.

Monday, January 21, 2008

I think I love my wife

Yesterday me and my wife decided to get some movie. One is Harry Potter, the other is [I think I love my wife], is a light comedy by Chris Rock. My wife loves comedies and this one turn out to be very good! Now Chris Rock is one of my acceptable directors :-)

I will not go through the details (no spoilers), just want to say it is a good movie for married man. Some scene is not suitable for kids, so it is not a true family movie. Very good directing and script. It took over 4 years of script re-writing, so the script is much better than some of those over budgeted action basters.

From the commentaries, the inspiration is from a 1969 French drama called "A call in the afternoon". They de-Frenched it and made it a great comedy. I just have to congrats them for a job well done!

From yahoo (, it is only a C/C+ rating though. My rating? A!

Forcing users to change zoloFighter.exe name

Over the weekend I have added a new change to both fighter and fisher, which checks its name upon start up. If if found the name is the same, it will print a warning message and exit.

Before I only put it on the website as a guide, which users may or may not follow. I decided to do it after myself forget to do it a couple of times during the testing of the new bot with most of the spelling error fixed.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Native Vista support added

I got sometime tonight and is released, it has vista support, you can either right click zoloFighter and run as admin, or you can use startInVista.bat, which will prompt for admin privilege.

And after that you can use the "Start Wow" button to start WOW. No longer do you have to launch WOW yourself :-)

So far vista give me a good impression than my first time, it is secure! If WOW want to do something stupid, vista will prompt you and all you need to do is decline Smile Of course you need to click the accept thing a lot, but that is life.

The best is zoloRunAs.exe is no longer needed. It gives a warning by one of the scanner at virus total. Now it is clean!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Rejected by a mmo site

Recently I noticed a influx of users, and some come from google (must be my youtube) , some from different mmo sites. So I went on to some and posted about zoloFighter.

Yesterday I found one site has soft deleted my post, due to ad of a none-free program. In the note it says contact site admin. The problem is my account was also soft banned, can't send/receive private messages. I send a note to site admin, so far no response. Might because it is blocked.

So next time, before any post to other site, contact their site admin first :-)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Fixes and worms

Yesterday I did a new release, add the ability in define action statements to pass a javascript string to wowApproach. The string can be a function, if returns false, the approach is aborted.

This is used to abort the initial approach of a mob. For example if you are a warrior, you must approach the mob to range before you can fight. But in the mean time if mob is tagged by another player, you need to abort the fight.
While doing that some minor loot and print problems are also fixed.

And today I found a strange issue. My new release is classified as a worm (feeds) by eSafe when I did a virus total scan.
After break everything apart, individually scanned all exes and later txt files, I found it is the AVBot.txt that is causing the problem.
Still not sure what triggered it (only eSafe reported it among 32 scanners), so I am going to assume it is a eSafe problem.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Youtube video posted

Take me a long time to finish this. My first youtube video.