Monday, September 24, 2007

Vista woos

Installed Vista, looks pretty. Bot does not work off hand.

I didn't install WOW on vista yet, too much time. What I did try is to lunch a program using zoloRunAs and see if it could be lunched. I tried to lunch notepad.exe, and right after the enter key the message "Access denied" showed up.

So more worked needed for Vista :-(

Anyway here are my first impressions on Vista:

1. Very pretty. Everything from desktop to minesweeper got a cool look and feel. I am impressed.
2. Not so user friendly. I had an hard time to find out how to customize my desktop, how to get my computer to show up. And when exploring files, the top bar that used to show file path in XP are now showing an URL ...
3. Annoying security. Every time you try to adjust some settings (i.e, lunch control panel etc), a window pop up and ask for my permission. I mean, can't Microsoft just do a memory check sum and figure out it is the original windows utility I am lunching??!! It is getting annoying after a while.

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