Monday, September 17, 2007

Safe botting

Safe boting in WOW (and all other games) requires 2 things. First of course is a bot that is safe. For a bot to be safe, it must limit the privilege of WOW, so WOW can't check on the bot program, and it must NOT modify the game in anyway (injecting, call trapping etc).

For zolo fisher and fighter, I lunch WOW as guest so it can't check any other programs running under administrator privilege, and another standard windows privilege safe guard so if the user forget to do the first (i.e starts WOW first), WOW only got a small window of chance of catching it.

The second one is mainly on the user. He/she must take caution while boting, for example, don't bot in populated areas, don't bot in areas where quest items drop, or the mobs them selfs are quest items (Players will be real annoyed if they have to delay their quest due to bots). Also don't be greedy and sale all your loots/fish on AH. No player crazy enough will fish 12 hours and sale 20 stacks of stonescales (maybe there are but I am sure they will be 1 in a million).


Anonymous said...

running wow as guest DOES NOT DO ANYTHING


Mikey said...

Anonymous is correct if warden isnt running properly then world of warcraft wont work either.

you dumbass

WoWmimicBot said...

to be undetected by WoW clients, you will need to hide your bot from memory, work kind like a keylogger these days, but on completely different purpose.

try my site, I have tested the bot personally for past months and it's working really below the WoW clients radar