Tuesday, September 25, 2007

MSVCR71.dll missing and WOW patch 2.2.0

First, after I install Vista and tried to run zoloFighter and zoloFisher, I found out that I didn't include msvcr71.dll with my distributions. So basically if someone is not a developer or don't have the version of VC++ I used to compile the program, they can't run them (will get dll missing message, or long delays when trying to start WOW via the lunch button).

So sorry to all who has tried and failed. I will add that dll in the next release, and since there is a patch going on today, possibly the next release will be today.

Second, WOW finally patched. I am a bit scared since some recent offsets I got is not so easy to re-discover. Let's hope today's update is an easy one :-)

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