Thursday, September 27, 2007

Screen capture horror

Just found fisher got problem recognizing the blubber on light waters. It could miss 60% of the time.

The problem appears to be, when capture the screen with my current code, the blubber turned to partial transparent. If I do it with ASP.NET code, the capture was correct, so I think the problem happens when I convert the captured image to actual data. I am still not very sure yet, so I will try again today to see what caused this problem.

Yes, when capturing using .NET application with the same function calls, the image is correct, the only different part is I am saving the image with .NET bitmap saving code. And the image is also correct is I use print screen. So the only possibility might be that when I call GetDIBBits, it convert the transparency stuff onto the raw data and passed it to me, resulting in image recognizing errors.

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