Thursday, May 28, 2009

Recent WOW activities

Even with a new baby I could still find some time to play. Most recently I got a new hunter pet (from SMV), and I visited DM and is currently trying to get the shadowforge key and solo BRD.

It is not difficult, with my level 80, the challenge is to find a block of time. Most of the time I was half way through and had to leave and the toon will timeout. Still it can be fine, almost feels like playing diablo.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I am in a lazy mode again

For the past week or two I was not in the mode to do anything, I thought of several projects I could done but have not start any of them. Played some StarCraft, but got tired and watched gomtv for other players play instead. Played some WOW, caught a new pet and went to DM. But non of those lasted more than 10 minutes and most time I send AFK flying.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I got a bunch of new ideas but no time to implement

With everything now cooling down (finally), I got 2 projects that I want to do (big thanks to Blizzard and my recent brain storming). One of it is change zoloFighter to a javascript engine (as of now php/perl all have standalone engines, but not javascript, which I think deserves a standalone engine so it can be more popular). There one one I will keep a secret for now.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Huge disappointment in the afternoon.

Yes at this point I am very disappointed. I finally remembered to bring my old geforce 7600 to my office in hope of making my office PC a dual monitor system. Till I open the case and tried to put it in. My PC is a Dell Optiplex 755, and the case is too small!!!! So basically Dell build a system that can not be upgraded in anyway.


Thursday, May 7, 2009

God and Evolution

Two days ago I had a lengthy discussion with one of my co-workers on Evolution. It stars with the Hornet vs Bee issue. He think it is evaluation and I think it is designed.

Neither of us are able to convince the other, with he firmly believe that evaluation is the answer of every thing, and I can't be convinced that something can evolved to an egg then chicken. I do believe that simple elements can evolve to DNA strings, and strings can form cells and complex organisms, but use that to explain Chicken/Egg is impossible.

I think I can find a compromise to this. We could say that during the evolution process, some intelligent beings come to existence and they in turn designed a lot of the stuff that can't be explained by evaluation, i.e chicken/egg thing. The leap there is just as great as the creation leap.

However, it still doesn't explain how intelligence is formed. I don't believe we can design artificial intelligence. All our random numbers in computers are fake, so there is actually no true randomness. But I think intelligence requires true randomness (Of course randomness doesn't explain feelings, but I will assume feelings can be emulated).

So my assumption is, there are a finite set of things in this universe that are truly random, and they tends to attach to living organisms. Those things are the origin of real intelligence.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Power of the court

Just read this interesting piece. It's about the ruling of the Florida recount for 2000 election.

The US legal system is the best of the world, yet it has its short comings. The supreme Court Judges has the power to interpret the constitution and law, and the power is almost big enough to create laws.

Originally the court is the weakest of the 3 branches, even worrying about been a laughing stock. But as the country stabilizes and became a country of law, the court's power now over shadow other branches.

I think a best remedy might be, instead of making supreme court judges life time, making their term twice as long as elected officials and they can only be changed by an official appointment followed by a vote from both house and senate with a 60% majority.

The reason is simple. You can't just leave them there without bounds, because they have the power to define their bounds. The current situation is, the justices are life royalties, the only differences are that they can only act passively.