Thursday, September 20, 2007

Rich and poor

I don't have much time, need to bot and prepare for Friday night's dungeon run. Here is my random thoughts of the day.

I just realized that even poor people in US today are living much better than rich guys 200 years ago. Here are some examples:

1. Social security make it fail safe. If those old rich guys did bad investments, they could broke and die in hunger. Not possible today (Unless the poor guy spend all SS money on alcohol).
2. Air condition, running water, sanitation system. Unheard of by the rich guys 200 years ago. Even king of France has to cover poop smell with fragrance.
3. Knowledge base. Now every poor guy can use free internet/books in public libraries and give them selfs a good education. I did that while working as a waiter to get my college money.
4. Education is much easier to get. Elementary school, high schools are free and waiter/waitress money can get you through college. Before only the wealthiest man can afford that.

All that said, I am sure 99% of us will rather be a norm or even poor man at our time than to be a king and have to live without AC and all the other convinces and worry about invasions from barbarians in the middle ages.

So if 99% of us are better than kings, why so complains?

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