Thursday, September 6, 2007

Bigger is not always better

Today I went to site by the way) and saw some comment about America is a democracy, so here is my comment, has nothing to do with hacking World of Warcraft (got stuck on combat log lol)

America is not a democracy, it is a democratic republic. The difference is democracy is basically mob rule, it will die once people notice they can vote them selfs gifts (too sad America is near that point now). A democratic republic is a democracy governed by constitution and laws, so it last a bit longer :-)

Initially I thought the bigger the better, so the stronger the central (or federal) government, the stronger the country. Well, that is to a certain extent. The bigger the government, the further it is to the people and the lesser impact to them if they mess up. And that is when you see defense departments spend $10k on shipping $.2 screws to bases (and didn't notice it for years), Big Government schools fiercely against school choices, New Orleans Governor run away from storms (the best he did was plea for help, other than that no action), and Bush sends Billions of dollars to him without thinking (that is enough for everyone in there to buy a house, yet New Orleans still have not fully recovered).

States and local government should take full responsibility of their people, simply because they know better. There should not be any federal grants to any local state. This way no one will be wasting one million to paint an airplane. When money is handled locally, they will try to conserve, because it is their money :-)

Any organization, government or private, can't be too big. At certain size they operate most efficient, and if bigger, it is just pure waste.

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