Wednesday, September 19, 2012

mstest and localization hell

I have a project which have some localized resources in a dll. My test won't pass because for some reason it can't find the resource. Funny thing is if I create another project with the same code, test works. And it turned out someone added Test Settings and it set to deploy. So Visual studio copies everything to a TestResult directory, but forget to copy the localization dlls :-) Just that stupid thing alone took me a long time to figure out. Then the test fails on the build server. The only difference is on build server it run under mstest.exe. I tried it on my machine, also not working if invoked with mstest.exe. So did some online search and a parameter /noisolation needs to be added to mstest.exe for it to work. Some more digging and the real solution is to add [DeploymentItem(@"xx-YY\Resources.resources.dll", "xx-YY")] (where xx-YY is the locale code, i.e. en-US). Hope this can be of help to others.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Parasits and brain tumor

I was reading some thing about parasites, some parasites that usually inhabits in our digestive systems actually ends up in our brain and can cause a lot of issues. However, this reminded me of something. I have recently learned that brain tumor is very hard to treat because there is a blood barrier between brain and blood vessels. What if we can use the parasites (or borrow the way it went into the brain) to deliver cancer treatment drugs for brain cancel patients?

Sunday, September 9, 2012

More progress stuff, for public knowledge and also for me

Yesterday after I got auto completion to work (Thanks Sharp Develop!), I started to think about check in/out. I always uses cvs before, but svn is definitely the way to go this time around. After searching for some online ones that is not as satisfactory, I found this one: Waited till today to ask wife if it is OK to reinstall our server (it is getting slow any ways). Then found this link when I tried to figure out how to show a popup near caret: So GetrectFromCharacterIndex will do it :-)

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Money Linq Update

Got wife's argo, she hates me now. Almost drive out by myself, half way through had to drove back, and she is on phone. So with the 10 minute spare time I finally figured out what's going on, Thanks Sharp Develop, now Money Linq got auto complete (errr maybe not, because no UI for that yet).


Recently I updated to windows 8, and a problem surfaced again. Have to find my old Microsoft Money CD and install it. The money file was some how corrupted and almost give me an heart attack. So I decided to start (again) implement my own financial software. There is a product called linqpad that a co-worker at my new company showed me, and I wanted to do something similar :-) The linq part is actually easy, just use the code providers by MS and it is done. However it is the auto complete feature that I am having a lot of trouble with. So after some search I found Sharp Develop. It already has it. Last week I spend a couple of hours (spread cross different nights) try to get the code completion part out. I got sick yesterday and despite the huge headache, it give me enough time to make it working (kind of) outside Sharp Develop. And today when I got some free time and tried to integrate the parts from Sharp Develop to MoneyLinq, found auto complete is still not working for customized types inside lambda expressions..... So back to debug again, hopefully I can make it work before wife gets angry (and WOT 8.0 beta is out, got to try it out as well).