Saturday, September 15, 2007

Sharing a Miracle

This has nothing to do with WOW/bot or hacking, but a real life miracle.

One of the sisters in our church, E, who is a friend with several of my friends, died last week due to cancer. She was diagnosed 6 month ago and has combating the cancer since. 2 days before she die, she had a dream that Jesus is coming to take her on a boat. And at some point after that (I forget if it is before or after she dies), when a group of friends and family members was at the home, they all hear a beautiful music. At the time they thought the radio was on and checked downstairs, can't find the source.

Just want to share. I was not there but I have heard this from 2 of my friends who was there now. They are trying to reproduce the music, if they got it reproduced, I will put on a website somewhere.

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