Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Got Starcraft II (Update)

Install Starcraft II at places where you can't control firewall is not a good idea, but at my home it went very well. I got windows 7 64bit, and because I have to AFK from time to time, I didn't even notice the patch download. When I came back to the computer, Starcraft II was already playable.

This is my first impressions. First, the graphics is very good. Sound quality is very good as well, love the music (will be better if they mix in the original sound tracks from Starcraft I). I only played a short time, and the cut senses are pretty good in general (but some are not movies, look like real time 3D generation and needs some anti-aliasing, it could be my graphics card, which is ATI5770, with everything on ultra).

Another thing is, it looks like every time I start the game, I have to logon to What if my internet provider went down (which happened several times)? Have not tried to play without internet yet.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Got Starcraft II

Yep, I went to my local GameStop and bought Starcraft II. Went and installed at work to avoid wife (it is already 7pm so it should be OK). After all 12GB, I click on it, it keep saying "StarCraft II requires a patch, would you like to download it?". If I click yes, the same message will come back after a short black screen. If I click cancel, the game exits.

I guess it must because the company firewall. Blizzard should give some consideration to us who might not have internet access. Maybe a static download?

Will try out at home, after 12pm when wife sleeps :-(

Monday, July 19, 2010

Starcraft II beta (update)

Finally got beta working on my laptop, it was very slow though (about 3 year old low end dual core XP machine).

So I got a chance to go home today to try it on my desktop. Strange thing happened.

On my laptop (windows XP), once it installs, when I run, it will download 2 more patches.

On my desktop (windows 7), once it installs and run, it went to login screen directly, and if I try to login, it fails with "invalid version".

Googled and there are several discussions, but no solution.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Starcraft II beta

Yes, finally I got a beta invitation!! It is kind of late and I was in a personal emergency when I read that message, and have to leave immediately.

It is kind of late but I am so happy now. I was so bored that I wanted to play Diablo II, and found I can't find my copy (We bought 2 Diablo II so both me and my wife could play, but that is over 10 years ago and it is lost somewhere), so I have to buy online from Blizzard. Now thank you Blizzard!! I am going to download it (slow over the hospital wifi) and enjoy it later!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Almost pirated a movie.

Yep. I was experiencing with a internet TV on my computer last weekend, and the provider explained that it has signed contracts with many content providers so they could provide the TV legally.

So I decided to give it a try. On the menu there are lot of movies, foreign and US. I picked "Clash of the Titians", and the picture is crystal clear, no buffering at all.

Then I got worried. No ads or nothing that I could think of that could provide this financially. Even though the site clam it has permission, my common sense tell me that it is not possible.

I immediately re-activated netflix, but nope, it is not on yet. I searched the movie theaters near by, but none of them carries it. Eventually I found tickets on sale out of state on, and I immediately bought a ticket for 3.75.

Guess this is a good example of never be greedy, or else I could waited and watch the same movie on bigger screen for just 1.07 from redbox.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Chrome Browser Video

This is a video the google people did for Chrome, I have to say it is very impressive!!

Take a look,

Friday, July 2, 2010

Here is another a$$ hole want more money from you and me

from cnet, politicians want internet tax again.

I guess the bridge to no where has run out of money again.

I am going to immigrate to Korea.

According to toms, Korea people will get free version of Starcraft II.

Those lucky bastards. They already have Starcraft as their national sports and now this??

In the related news, happy July 4th.