Friday, July 11, 2008

Possible cause of why some users not able to get offsets

2 or 3 of them reported that it won't get offsets for them, just hung there.

Beside some who got virus on their system (worked after reinstall windows), I found the rest might has something to do with low level drivers.

I use XP both at home and at work. And at home, when I debug my code, the connection to zolohouse will drop if I debug it slowly. But it will never drop at work.

I am assuming it is because I have a cheap ISP that disconnects quickly, and some hardware or driver buffer the tcp/ip traffic while others don't.

So I am doing my own buffering instead, which should solve most of the offset data downloading problems.


escapology said...

Same thing here !
I just hang on the offset thing and besides that the forum seems down.

Wow Panda said...

The forum/offset server (which is on the same machine and same database) sometimes go down (ISP maintenance), but they should backup shortly.