Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Audit tool on Glider

Just for fun, I downloaded Glider and another bot and run my tool I used for my internal audit on them. Both them fail. If blizzard hired me I could really do some damage. It will be fun to hack the hackers, it is like PVP, both sides will pump up exciting ideas.


j said...

You are a tool.
Anyone can write software to detect glider on their computer, but the trick (and the reason you fail) is that Glider's security is written specifically for the game it supports. Now writing your "Audit Tool" software that can detect Glider, running in userland as the game is impossible as you cannot emulate the calls from their server and will not be subject to the driver (um because your not wow.exe...) which is highly custom and specific.

Active Directory Compliance said...

Hi friends,

In general an audit tool is anything auditors use to complete an audit. An audit tool can be software such as ACL, Access or Excel. It can also be a hard-copy audit program or check list. Thanks a lot....