Thursday, July 17, 2008

Current progress

I am still working on the new waypoint system. Here are some of the new features of the new bot (some implemented and some not):

1. Improved attack all. Attack all will now restricted by level limit, so when you are at higher levels, you no longer need to worry about frogs etc.
2. configurable waypoint margins on each profile. On wide open areas you can set it to a large number to make the bot roam more randomly.
3. new javascript call backs during running, for better unstuck (right now sometimes at end of loot the unstuck routing will think we are stuck).
4. possibly if I got time, a much complexed navigation system, that acts more human like. I am looking at possible solutions from either daju11's mapnav or most likely a personal mapping. I will avoid copy right violations at all costs, so it will not be a build in. I will just provide a interface, and you either map it yourself, or possible we can use a shared user created mapping data.

1 comment:

Hazza Bui said...

mpqnav looks to be shaping up to be quite an incredible program, so if there's anyway you could integrate that, i would say go for it. the creator of mpqnav has said he's not that interested in making his own bot, but is interested in people trying out his program inside a bot - bet of luck with whatever you chose to go for if any