Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I have been had by Matt from BrokenToys

CRAP!! Now he give up AOC after the great review about it!! http://brokentoys.org/2008/07/01/burning-of-an-entirely-different-type/

My second day of playing. The character is a bit gray, and tends to blend to the rich background, so it is not standing out as much as I would like to. The fighting is not as exciting either, the worst part is there is no auto attack, so if I want to go help wife on something, the char will stay there and get beat to death.

The part I like is, game play is easy (maybe because I am in level 1 area), I can rush to any mob or two and beat them to death (in WOW an add meant death).

If I can't progress far after my trial period, I will give up too.

Or unless someone can prove to me it looks better with a directX 10 graphics card.


Anonymous said...

yeah, I bought it too (although first days of release) and quit shortly after because of very boring gameplay and the ridiculous system requirements(I had like minimum setting and was still getting many pc crashes etc)..so did the friends of mine that started at the same time with me. And I haven't heard good things from people that actually got 80 either (raiding and pvp is boring too even then). So yeah bad luck that you listened to that blog lol..

Wow Panda said...

OH crap.... I was hoping for some nice comments so I can use as an excuse to upgrade my graphics card. But thanks for saving me some money :-)

Anonymous said...

lol np and yeah at the moment I don't think it's worth it (both upgrading any hardware+paying monthly subscription).. The game maybe has potential though so maybe in some months it will be worth depending on updates etc.. We will see ;D