Friday, July 18, 2008

The Orbit engine is born!

Yes, I have finally made a good model of a smarter path finder for zoloFighter, and I named it Orbit :-)

The implementation has been changed several times, the main goal is to make a smart path finder and scheduler. Initially I thought of a propulsion based system to "push" the bot forward, but that is a bit complex in turn of memory usage. And after some tweak and fixes, I finally decided for our current model.

I am still in the stage of tweaking. The first try, duel to some internal bug, I was using the old system instead, and because some of the randomization in the javascript, it looks like Orbit was working, but was not. I was so happy (at the time).

Anyway, right now Orbit is doing well at times and doing bad at other times, but the main part is working now. So I will give myself a pat on the back and catch the raid on my guild :-)

I will have a very busy week next week, so the release of ZoloFighter+Orbit will be sometime next next week.

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