Sunday, July 6, 2008

AVBot is back (almost)

Yes, I updated AVBot a bit, together with zoloFighter

The updates are:
1. BGScreen.exe is no longer needed. It is provided as a tool to capture the 3 screen parts (join/queue/leave battle) if the user has customized UI mods installed.

2. AVBot has a new waypoint calculation algrithm, that favors ghost waypoints only if it is near the start of the ghost waypoint, to avoid stuck problem.

So now it is much easier to use AVbot, just download AVBot.txt and select it as your profile, go near your AV battle mater and go!

However there is a catch, that is it is best to create your own main waypoints, else blizzard will find all the users who are on the default waypoint and BAN!

I will delay release the news on my forum, to avoid questions. Want some peace and quiet in the holiday :-)

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