Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Patch 2.2.2

Yesterday was another patch day. In the morning I logged on thinking about get some herbs for this weekend's run, and to my surprise, another update (Yes I totally forget that was Tuesday).

And it drags on, extended by some hours so I can't do anything. At night I went home late (big release for my company) and had to work 2 hours to get a simple offset update. The biggest reason is I am trying something to send the offsets to users instead of letting them update the software, and that is not going well, just too many of them.

So instead of that, I am only sending a few :-), and that is still causing problems (when there is a parser error of any reason, it crashes because I forget to catch the error).

Anyway, the patched bot is finally out so hope everyone enjoy.

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