Thursday, October 11, 2007

Bot crash on javascript

Wake up early this morning so I setup the bot to farm something and go back to sleep.

When I am ready for work, I found the bot has crashed. Curious about what caused it, I

did a trace and found it crashed inside the javascript engine, some assertion about

something variable in the stack frame that should be NULL but is not.

A bit more digging around the code, I found the javascript stock frame is actually

created on local stock. The global context frame is temporarily replaced by it, and

restored back upon execution exit.

Now it is clear. If something happends that prevented the restore of the original stock

frame, the global context frame will be pointed to non-exist space. That something is

usually exceptions raised upon native code (C++ code). It could be that because network

either on Blizzard's side or my side, connection is closed and native C++ raised

exception. I am catching the exception but was too far out thus the javascript did not

have a chance to clean up it's stock.

A good solution will be use the try{}finally{} replacement trick I mentioned before in

my blog to make sure the stock frame is restored upon function exit.

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