Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Bot improvements

During the weekend, I was boting and trying to farm some valuables. The area is populated but I was watching my toon while watching TV. During the commericals I noticed a hunter which is also a bot (It was very easy to tell, that is why never bot unattended in populated areas). From time to time we both tag on the same mob and dependend on who shoot first, one of us is not getting the loot.

The problem is his gun was faster and more than 50% of the time he tags first and my toon is there assisting him! That was very annoying so I decided to implement something to fix that (if a mob is targeting some other npc, give up).

Initially I thought it is an easy fix. I will just check with javascript (so no binary recompiles) after first attack and if mob is not targeting me, abort. However my gun was more powerfull and usually even he tags first, I could end up drawing argo after the first attack.

Eventually I have to recompile, implement a call back during my spell channeling to call the javascript function processMessages (I am lazy), with a state of "inChannel". That is good for any casters, so when you channel your spell, you will find out if someone has taged your mob and abort.

Most likely I will release it after some more testing. For now I will need to find a good place to farm some herbs. My current farming place is too hard, a lot of mobs and I die too much, with all the repair bill I might just buy stuff off AH.

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