Thursday, October 4, 2007

My new toy

This is totally unrelated to WOW. Sometime ago I bought a Cannon Rebel XT because my 2 year old digital camera can't shoot clearly in house without a flash. So after a lot of research, I decided to go with a mid range digital camera (Primarily for my wife's brother's new baby, we don't want to use flash on him).

The result is not very satisficatory. Even though the new camera looks good and feels great (I like that "click" sound when shooting, feels great and I got hooked on shooting), we still can't easily shoot non-blurry pictures inside our home most of the time.

After some more research, I found out that good camera heads with smaller aperture values can do well in this situation. So we got a Cannon f1.4. This head can't zoom, but man the picture quality is outstanding. I can't wait to use it on that new born (not so new any more anyway).

Will post more details later.

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