Wednesday, October 24, 2007

From Robots to God

Yesterday I watch a show called robots on TV. It shows all type of different robots, from the simpler ones that you can program and help disabled people to walk, to the fun ones for research or recreational use. One example of a fun robot is a bot been developed in Japanese university that will move like a monkey and try to jump and grab from wire to wire (in a very controlled environment, where the wires are evenly spaced).

The fun bots, no matter it is for jumping/rolling/crawling, sort of struck me. I just realized that we bot writers who write bots for online/off line games are also design robots, in a very similar way. The only difference is our bots works in a simulated environment. We can call our bots poor man's robot, or virtual robots. There are advantages and disadvantages compare our bot to the real machine robots. Our bots run in a virtual world and there are no mechanical parts, so it is cheaper, easier to maintain (you don't need to worry about hardware limits/changes/costs), but what information available is limited (only what can be extracted from the games, while the real bots can have censors where they want). Both the virtual bots and real bots need to have some real time abilities (been real time means needs to response to real time events, been to coordinate all hardware movements to be able to grab a wire, or respond to mobs fast enough to keep alive).

We virtual bot creators are a level higher than the bots created for fun. The reason been is that we work on an abstract level, that we don't need to deal with feet dragging hardware. This way we focus more on the core part of robot design, that i design robot logic (or AI). The real mech bots creators are limited by hardware, and I don't see any machines that can surpass humans or animals in combination of efficiency and agility soon (machines might excel in a specific area, but will never be as flexible and efficient as humans. )

And before the end of this passage. I just want to say, I don't believe in AI (artificial intelligence). I remember I had this thought ever since I was young, I can't figure out how to design true intelligence. All we can do is design fake intelligence, that is something that looks intelligent, but if you fool around with it you will realize it is just a bot (and that is why it is so hard to make the bots looks truly human even in an online environment, even though only limited actions are available).

I first got this thought when I thought about how to make true random numbers in a computer. The final conclusion is there is no way to make a truly random generator unless you rely on hardware. There is just no way you can design a computer to be self aware, to have true feelings. It is this believe that draws me to the conclusion that there must be a GOD, or a spiritual world must exists that could use this physical world to manifest itself.

So in another sense, I don't believe we could live in multiple levels of virtual worlds (one real world designed a virtual world that has its own intelligence that then designed another virtual world, and possibly this virtual world which is designed by a virtual world would design another level of virtual world and so on), but I do believe that one spiritual world that could manifest itself onto different levels of physical world (for example, each tiny atom could be an solar system, and each of those tiny virtual solar systems are combined by even tinnier atoms and they are also tiny tiny solar systems, and all of them could have a spiritual manifestation, meaning truly intelligence life.

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