Wednesday, October 10, 2007

One Fun Patching Night

Yes, another patch yesterday and another pain. I forget that was Tuesday already, because Monday was a holiday. Come home around 8, lunched WOW after dinner and Blizzard stuck me with an patch. Surely enough most offsets are broken.

The first thing is of course change the offset download page's version to stop bots from running. Good thing is there was another patch last week so I was still warm on offset finding. Process was quick and everything was tested and good to go.

Edit version number, build both releases, uploaded zip files, modify the pages. Thought everything was set. Then remembered DTK's script on player detection. I should have included it in the release some time ago. No big deal. Added in the scripts, re-zip the files, take out the CVS (version control) folders from zips, upload again, then download for testing. That took a good 30+ minutes.

After some testing, found I forget to include Item names. All items names are showing as blank. No big deal, rebuild everything again, changed version number of bots, zip, upload, change web pages, download and test and another 40 minutes.

Some more testing. This time found I forget to get the messages offset. DTK's script is no good unless I fix that. At that time wife is starting to argo, and my tempers are high. Took me half an hour to get wife happy again, then found the offset, zip, upload, change web pages, test ... and found I didn't change module version. So repeat like a robot, upload, tested and went to bed. The whole night gone by like a blast and I didn't get to play a bit.

I was relaxed this morning. Feels free and get up late. Went to setup the toon for farming, and behold found the player's names are incorrect. Fix/zip/upload/download/test... Sometime during that process wife starts to argo, and for a good reason: "You are going to be late!" she said, like I don't know that. I am a bit late for work but now bots are up and running.

There might be one or two not important offsets that is still off, but let me play and have some fun first :-)

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