Thursday, February 28, 2008

zoloFighter, with flying & mine support

Original idea is from John.bastos. He want to fly and mine in outland. zoloFighter can mine but because mines usually are on edges of cliffs, mining is not easy with a bot. John's idea (flying around and land for mine) solves the problem.

The implementation is easy. First I added a file fightermodes.txt, you can add any new modes in there and it will show up in the mode dropdown box. I added fly&mine.

So select that, flying around and set waypoints (bot will try to fly back to waypoing when done), and click fight it will go flying and mine.

When a mine within 30 yard is detected, bot will turn to it, slowly fly to top of it (you will see it does that step by step), slowly lands on top of mine, mine/mount/fly back to waypoint.

Right now it is only a beta, need more user to test it.

I tried it in Nagrand, because that place is full of Fel Iron and Adamantite deposits. Debugging is not easy. It is a slow process. First you need to find a mine and second you need enough time before it is looted by others.
While I was testing on the first mine, another player beat me to it while my toon is landing slowly...

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