Monday, February 4, 2008

German guest account name

Today another user on mmowned posted about can't use zolofighter to start WOW.
Since there are quit a few people complaining about it, I decided to try it myself. Doing it over lunch, what I did is add a guest user named Gast, and set GUEST:guest in settings.txt to GUEST:gast.
Surely enough I got the "Can't start WOW" message.

What happened is, a few month ago I switch the entire program to UNICODE based, so Asian players can see the correct outputs. But since settings.txt is still ascii, I used a windows api to convert it to Unicode. The problem is I specified the type to be UTF8 instead of ascii. So while it converts all ordinary ascii chars correctly, Gast is not one of them. It got converted into "gst".

So, another release.

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