Monday, February 25, 2008


Recently there are 2 banned user reports on the forum. When they first appear I feel the pain.

One guy farmed primal life and crashed server economy (He did get his account back though grats to him), the other simply bot for 2 weeks and get his char from 10+ to 50+. I think that is moderate... When I was rushing to level 70, I got impatient at the end and starting to run it full night, and my speed was about 1 month for 2 chars from 60-70 (and with me questing too, because it feels very slow to just grind).

Anyway, more steps will be build in to prevent banning. I will add back whisper auto reply (replaced by javascript but no one is implementing their own...), and add remote control so we can monitor/reply while at work or school.

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