Friday, February 8, 2008

floating number format issues

It just come to my attention that in Europe and Russia, floating numbers are displayed differently. For example, 1.0 in US is 1,0 in Europe, and 10,000.00 is 10.000,00 is Europe. So basically my action delay of 1.5s (1 and a half seconds) could be parsed as 15 seconds!!

I am getting conflicting reports on this one. User reports says it is taking the '.', and a friend of my also told me Fortran and C++ libs uses '.'

Microsoft's website indicates other wise. It indicates to use locale independent atof,I need to use atof_l.

So I am really lost. And to write my own implementation means I need to find every place where printf, ostream, atof are used and replace them. Too much work.

And also my configuration utility, which is written in .Net, always print out in the format of the current locale.
This makes me sick!

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