Friday, February 29, 2008

law and order

This is a post I did on the forge. Repost to here so I don't forget it.

It is freighting that our sociality are not controlled by lawyers and judges. The law became so complicated in areas that lawyers can use it to sue just any one no matter right or wrong. One story on 20/20 a few years ago is a lawyer suing a disabled businesses owner because his building didn’t have ramp access (I think it is in CA where they have a disability act that states each building must have ramp access for wheelchairs).

A good example of run away judges is Florida supreme court rules school voucher are “unconstitutional”. See (by the same argument they can see public schools are also unconstitutional). Another big example is the Eminent domain, anyone with a brain should know it should not be a way for government to take your land away for pennies.

The big reason behind run away lawyers and judges are, we now live in a established world, and no one takes leadership. So judges/lawyers are now the aristocrats of the per-revolution French era. Back 200 years, with strong leaders, judges knows they are the weakest of the 3 branches and will not try to make laws (even though raw power takes over, it is still better than one man’s rule).

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