Sunday, June 15, 2008

Very annoying

Here is another example of the troubles I am going throgh every day. Below is an email sent to me:

    hey i wan't to get this bot to test it out but how can i check that this is no scam, how can u guys proove that when i will give u my master card u will charge $200 or more???
    please write back as soon as possible, and is there a tutorial for this bot

    thanks a lot
    hope u will answer my quest

And my response:

    Please read the website and my forum first!!
    this is a donate, you don't need to pay to play
    and it is paypal (do you even know paypal?), how can I charge you $200?
    And there is an open forum, you can post anything wow related on it, if I am a scamer all others will post crap about me on it.

    Please do your homework before ask the questions.

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