Monday, June 30, 2008

Kongfu panda

Yes I went to see the movie, against my wishes. My wife's brother, want to see the movie with his 2 year old, and despite my argument of the baby might not like the movie, we all went.

We were supposed to see the 1o'clock one, but was postponed because the baby fall asleep. Just as we all thought the movie is off, he wake up so we went to see the 2o'clock movie, with about 15 minute till the start. As you guessed we missed the start of the movie by 20 minutes (long drive), and the first scene I saw in the theater is my brother in law holding a crying baby.

All I can say is the movie is average with some funny moments, but mostly got interrupted by the frequent going and sitting of my brother in law's wife to check on the baby outside, and some crying. It was worth the $8 I think. After we left, they managed to stay and check the next panda movie, not to steal but because my brother in law was out of the theater most of the time, and the baby finally fall asleep.

From a phone call later on we learned that the baby wake up again half way during the movie, and they end up didn't watch much for the entire afternoon.

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