Thursday, June 12, 2008

Internal audit in progress

Yes I have put fighter and fisher off line for an internal audit. Estimated backup time will be sometime tomorrow or later tonight (I still have to work during most of the day and help my wife on some of her stuff during the night).

What happened is, as I keep pumping out new features, I ignored my own advices on some features, and haven't done any probing on fighter and fisher for a long time. As a result there are enough unique signatures that could lead to detection. Blizzard still can't read our memory if set up properly, but they could rely on those signatures and I am in the process of sealing them.

From now on I will do an audit for each release, to make sure there are no such leaks. I will not discuss the details, but for now I will be the only one bot with zoloFighter till the next release :-)

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