Monday, November 17, 2008

New hope for man kind

Turkey in radical revision of Islamic texts

This is amazing. This is a tiny news that not many people are aware of, but this might have HUGE implications that not many of us could truly understand. We might be able to compare what is happening in Turkey to the revolution of Martin Luther. From the surface the two are different, but I think it is just as ground breaking. I think Martin Luther's revolution has much to do with the development of Europe and US, and might be the key to the industrial revolution. This is all because Martin Luther give the spirit foundation to the revolution against the catholic church.

The new interpretation of Islam could help Turkey make a new leap, and hopefully the other Islamic countries could follow suit. It is my observation that if a country is too conservative, it will not move (countries in Dark Age). But if a country is too liberal, it would rot.

With the declining of the western culture, Turkey might be the next shining beacon after US.

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