Friday, November 28, 2008

Disasters on Thanksgiving day

Thanksgiving day was chaotic for me. We have a big party planned and I know I can't do much for the day. So I wanted to zolo the entire day but I can't start the bot. Turned out the ISP my offset server and forums server is on had a heart attack and the whole thing is down.

Went on to mmowned and several people are reporting the same. It took my ISP about 2 hours to finish fdisking (the partition went read only for some reason).

But I don't have time to wait for them to finish the scan. I have to go buy stuff for the party. Right in the middle of that wife told me she forget to order pizza!!! Now I am facing a total meltdown, because it will be mutiny if there is no food (the people we invite are mostly grown ups but there are young kids involved).

I have to drop in a nearby Pizza house and the line was not bad. Of course once I come back home my car is blocked out of garage. And one of my guest's hand was burned by hot water while she tried to prepare something. So there were frantic search for medical supplies, while a bunch of kids skip out of the door and started playing in our backyard.

Finally we start to eat and the conversation was good. Suddenly I heard loud cries. Several of the kids got wood stick in their hands while playing at the structure in our backyard (from the previous owner). Now more needles and etc. I almost fainted for that.

Out of time, more later if I could.

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Tyler said...

Well now that sounds like a good ole time lol. Sorry to hear about all the disasters. Hope everything else was good and glad to see zolo is back up and running. Great product it is :). Well happy late thanksgiving