Thursday, November 13, 2008

Caught a chipmunk

Noticed something cute near our house. And it is a chipmunk! It dig several holes around our house, and my friend told me and my wife that it could damage the foundation.

So we decide to lay a trap. We bought a $20 trap from lowe's to make sure we won't hurt it. After 2 days, wife was excited fund the trap door closed and a chipmunk inside :-)

I went out and took pictures (will post later), the chipmunk does not appear to be afraid of me, but jumped around the cage left and right trying to escape. From time to time it sit and watched me.

We put it in our garage for the night. My wife's boss warned here not to name the chipmunk, "Don't get too attached" she said, "God knows what they carry".

The next day, I drive to a lake side hill. The moment I open the trap door, the chipmunk jumped out and disappeared into the bushes, didn't even look back.

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