Friday, August 31, 2007

good business and bad engineers

I was doing some re-structuring on one of my company's project, and immediately noticed how bad the project was written. It is almost like the guy who wrote it is fresh out of college or don't know the language at all. I was wondering how our company (which was still young) survived the initial period.

What can be extract from the above is, you don't need good engineers at the start if you want to start your own company. As long as you got a good idea and have a good business sense, you can afford to hire crappy engineers from the edge of no where (at least initially). The important thing is to push the product out (no matter how bad it is).

Now looking back, if that kind of engineer was hired here today, he/she won't survive a week.
So in a business word, if you are the owner, your priority is to push your products out first, even if it is still buggy. If the product is there, people will use it. Once you made it, you will be able to afford better engineers and fix all the mistakes you made in the past :-)

Just my 2 cents.

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