Friday, June 5, 2009

Microsoft doesn't like Obama's tax plan

Here on

some of the comments are really interesting. One of them is
"Governments tax profit (unless they are corrupt). There is no increased cost to pass on to the consumer. Just less profit."

That is just laughable. Profit = new jobs. Corporations needs profit to expand. If a corporation has less profit, they will grow slower so there will be less jobs.

If we have a great capable leader, it might be OK to raise taxes because he might be able to spend it better than us. However when a country is really big, that is just not possible. No one will be able to spend properly for all 300 million of Americans. And through out history, you never see any Monarch or Communist country archive prosperity via higher taxes. Just like stock, the collective diversity of minds are better than a central brain power.


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this has nothing to do w tax .

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