Monday, June 22, 2009

The Chinese people are angry in Shishou

Here is the youtube link, the Chinese people in Shishou beat back police, I heard about this from one of my friends and he showed me the video on Sunday.

Here is what I heard of what caused this:
a 24 year old cook died from what appeared to be suicide, jumped from 3rd floor of a restaurant (about 2 year ago a waitress did the same in the same restaurant). His father was not happy and believe the death is not accidental. There are evidence that the cook is dead before the jump.

When the police come, they ruled it as suicide and want to cremate the body immediately. The father was not happy and begged the people around for help. And it draw a crowd of 3000+ who helped to fend off the police, and they even stayed over night to watch (I could never have done that)!

The local government cut off internet/electric in the area, but that didn't deter the people who were helping the father. So they pull police from other places, totaled thousands. However the news got out and at one time there were over 70K people gathered and fend off the police, and that is what the video is about.

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