Wednesday, October 15, 2008

WOW 3.0.2 again

I did manage to update most offsets yesterday night before wife's argo kick in. Looks like a new bot is also necessary due to some WOW client changes.

Right now zoloFighter should work on 3.0.2 clients, with some broken functionality. I will try to squeeze some in today, but since that will require a recompile of both figher and fisher, it will be a pain for sure.


Oliver Sosa Cano said...

Greetings wowpanda

I'm a cuban informatic engineering student who loves WoW. For obviously reasons that you know, we can´t play the game in Blizzard servers; and we create our MaNGoS server to play here in the university.

And certainly, I'm very interesting in your WoW bot zoloFighter. First of all because I can programming in JavaScript my profiles, second because it's a clean job, and third because it's free.

I've downloaded the version [1] and tested, but not run to me. Let me explain to you my problem:

I configure everything like the manual said [2], but when I select a mob and click "Add target", it shows a window with the text "Retriving data", this window delay over 15 seconds; after this, show a second window with "Bad Data", and finally another with "Player not found" text.

I've downloaded many legacy versions, but always the same problem. Also I've checked a hundreds of posts in the forum, but nothing about that.

If you can help me, I thank you very much.

Here is my PC configuration:
- Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3
- Microsoft NET Framework 2.0
- WOW Version 2.4.3 (8606) (Release) July 10, 2008

I tried with this ZoloFighter's versions:
- publicrelease0.7.9.27_2.3.2
- publicrelease0.8.2.9_2.4.2
- publicrelease0.8.3.1
- publicrelease0.8.3.9_2.4.3
- publicrelease0.8.3.22_2.4.3
- publicrelease0.8.3.23

You can write me to my gmail account

Thanks beforehand!!!

Oliver Sosa.

PS: Sorry for my english, it isn't good.


Wow Panda said...

Wo! very detailed debugging data, you are a engineer indeed :-)

You got in at a bad time, because wow is been updated to 3.0.2, so the offsets has all changed.

The only hope of the bot working for you now is publicrelease0.8.3.22_2.4.3, that is the static version I released for players in Europe/Asia (non-us countries whose patch date is one day off).

Oliver Sosa Cano said...

Hi again. I've tried with this release (, but the error is the same, a windows with the text: "Player not found".

I don't know how you programme the bot, but I supossed that is a tiny bug than can be resolved. If I can help you on anything, no problem for me.

Tanks for respond.


Wow Panda said...

ahoh. I hope I didn't mess up the 2.4.3 fixed release. I will check my forum and ask other users on 2.4.3 if they had the same problem.

Please post questions on my forum, it is much easier that way :-)