Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Why you should vote for Bob Barr

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The Demos and Republicans are both corrupted. Both of them are not interested in working class people any more. They court leechers instead. There are 2 school of leechers, the demos courts the poor welfare mothers with 8 kids, and republicans courts failed wall street execs.

Don't tell me someone is not working because they can't find a job. Millions of illegal immigrants come to this country, they can support themselves and their family overseas. A lot of them don't even need to work full time.

Republicans pour billions to failed (and stupid) executives who should be bankrupted and broken right now. And they tell us it is for our own good. If we don't want it, they will try to scare you.

The best way to share wealth is lower taxes, let the good people create wealth, let the bad ones bankrupt and their wealth will be managed by more capable people.

Want to lower debt? instead of raise taxes, stop pork first! Those in Washington will prefer to spend what ever amount is raised first.

Under Bush, the government has expended so much. We can safely call Bush a Marxist. Palin is not so conservative on spending either. The only thing she did to education is increase spending (the easy way to go). The only good candidate is Bob Barr, not perfect, but better.

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SamSung said...

This was "fail"
only possible chance a non dem/rep party member could have had a chance was w Ross Parrot (i hope i spelled his name right) would have ran in 96..i think?

and have taken california so that future independants could get campain funding in the future.

Granted. i didnt like either candidates. i would have liked a 3rd choice. but taht wont happen.

and bush .. both bushes sucked IMO