Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New Ban Wave

I learned about the ban wave yesterday, minifss posted on my thread on mmowned and I was surprised that there is a ban wave. I thought Blizzard has give up on bot detections and focused on law suits a long time ago.

Anyway, another user suggested I should blog on the matter to give some comfort on zoloFighter users.

Yes we are safe, as long as you follow the rules, list on the security notice on fighter support forum (thanks the moderator who put it up as announcement). We don't inject, we don't hack WOW by change its memories. We don't do background mode either, which leaves small holes that could be traced. The security is generic (so it persists across patches), and nothing fancy (standard windows security model, which is tested by hackers across the world and patched by Microsoft).

If everyone follows our model, there is nothing Blizzard could do except resort to player reports. I am a little bit surprised that the bots which uses background mode (openbot, glider elite) could last this long. I think Blizzard might been focusing on lawsuits instead of bot detection.

Anyway, that said. It is safe to using zoloFighter during the ban wave, as GMs will rely on software detection to ban players. I was botting non stop during the last few days, trying to reproduce a bug in newer version of fighter that randomly stops on some players machines. (which was stupid of me).

But the period after a ban wave is not safe. As the masses of bots clear out of WOW, GM will have time to deal with player reports because there will be few. So watch out.

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