Saturday, May 24, 2008

Loot problem not so small.

Well, I did notice a strange repeat loot problem recently, but never really cared, as long as it loot most of the time and works, don't want spend time on that.

Recently more and more people start to complain on that. Maybe some glider users who paid $25 and got banned switched? I did a investigation, and found the loot problem might be the cause of the strange program abort on generic error.

What happened is at some version I introduced javascript call backs during wait, but it was not handled in script.js, so everytime there is a loot, during the wait, the call back will occure and cause the find corpse to loot function in script.js to fire, in turn it will find a corpse right in front of it and start loot again, which will again trigger the call back and loot. On slower computers it will show up as multiple loots, on faster ones it will likely cause javascript stack overflow problem.

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