Thursday, May 1, 2008

bad luck again on virus total

Yesterday I was fixing some bug on the reverse travel part of zoloFighter, tested and released. Before release there is always the part to send it to virustotal, and I am confident that it will be another totally clean result.

Well, behold, Webwasher-Gateway shows a red "BlockReason.0". I googled and have no idea what is it. I hate a non-clean result, so I started to roll back my changes one by one. Turned out the one that triggered it is my checking for UTF8 character markers! That is one stupid anti virus check. Eventually I found a way to by pass this condition (move the part to a function). So I guess the way to make anti virus software happy is make your functions small?

Anyway, not a big deal but now I need to release it again and retest it. Has to postpone my new AVBot.

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